Best street food in Cambodia that you must try

To explore the stunning cuisine of Cambodia as well as authentic eating habits, street food is regarded as the key feature. Most Cambodians will get a few forms of street food at least once a day. Either a snack, a take away drink or simply local fast food Cambodian style at a small street restaurant can please the Cambodian. Travel Indochina Cambodia

Noodle soup

Kuy teav
Kuy teav – source:

Kuy teav that is a noodle soup cooked from pork or beef bones and rice vermicelli and served with fried shallots, green onions and bean sprouts on top is one of the most popular breakfasts in town. Even though you can sometimes find rare-beef kuy teav as well fish balls and pork are the most popularly added. The dish is thought to be originated from the Kampuchea Krom–the area of Southern Vietnam, the place is famous for the Vietnamese soup and was used to be a part of the Khmer Empire. Being an another version of delicious Phnom Penh soup speciality, kuy teav Phnom Penh is also served with blood, liver, intestines as well as tongue.


Balut – source:

Regarded as the most strongly smell and unique street food in Cambodia, Balut refers to the fertilized unborn offspring of a duck. You can also find this snack in the neighboring Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines and Vietnam, but the same dish in Cambodia is kept simple: instead of being available with a wide variety of herbs and condiments, the duck egg is only served along with a little ganish. Thanks to its high nutrition and rich protein, this duck egg dish is an all time favorite of local Cambodians. Cambodia travel packages


Snack – source:

For pastime, snacking, particularly snacking on street food is claimed to be the best choice for the Cambodian. You will not be worried of getting sick or having stomachache because you can see local chefs cook the safest street foods – non-bacteria right in front of you and eating hot.

At different times of the day, tourists can find different snacks available on all corners of Cambodia. Getting up early in the morning and come to these small roadside stalls if you want to enjoy best breakfast dishes such as kuy teav and bai sach chrouk offered by these local vendors. You can also see students gather around the streets after school to enjoy such restoratives as crispy spring rolls and barbecued beef skewers tucked into baguettes and with a green mango slaw on top late in the afternoon.

Lan Anh.

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